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MOSH has partnered with Community First Credit Union to offer a new teaching tool designed to bring the fun and interactive learning of MOSH to the classroom.

These traveling boxes, each focusing on a different subject, contain hands-on materials and lesson plans for teachers to use to supplement their in-class curriculum.

Questions? Call 904.396.MOSH (6674), ext. 256, or email


Hats Off to Jacksonville:
Students will interpret significant periods of Jacksonville’s history through interactions with colorful hats. Replica period hats represent historic events from Timucuan, Civil War, Great Fire, Movie Era, World War II and present day times. Engage students by creating a living historical timeline right in your classroom.
[ NGSS: SS.(1-2).A.2 Historical Knowledge ]

Eeeew! What student doesn’t love the icky science of human Grossology? Teachers will use kit components to teach about human body systems and the five senses using lesson plans and activities based on the Grossology series by Sylvia Branzei.
[ NGSS: SC.(K-2).L.14.1 Organization and Development of Living Organism ]

Healthy Living Choices:
Encourage students to make healthy living choices by interacting with models of organs and other anatomy. Learn about the effects smoking, unhealthy eating habits, and sun exposure can have on your body. And, have fun exploring the world of infectious disease with larger-than-life plush microbes.

Force & Motion:
What causes things to stop and go? Students will explore the laws of motion, work, and energy by performing fun and easy hands-on experiments. Investigate concepts like friction, reaction time, acceleration, and more by creating and testing student-led experiments.
[ NGSS: SC.(3-5).P.10 Forms of Energy ]

Are you and your students ready for an "out of this world" experience! With our Astronomy Outreach Box, students will have the chance to learn via hands-on activities about the sky, constellations and planets all within the environment of your classroom. Plus there are opportunities for actual night-time observing and study. Contents include an array of models and interpretive props to help explain those far-out astronomy concepts.
[ NGSS: SC.(K-5).E.5 Earth in Space and Time ]