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There are words so iconic that they have immediate recognition. To list but a few:
• “These are the voyages…”
• “May the Force be with you.”
• “You unlock this door with the key of imagination.”
• “I’ll be back.”

Before men walked on the moon, before computers controlled our lives, before rockets carried astronauts into orbit, before satellites whirled overhead, and before humans learned to live and work in space, there were the masters of science fiction, who envisioned such accomplishments long before they became reality.

As we emerge from the dawn of the twenty-first century, we find ourselves living in a time that was once thought fantastic and impossible, wondrous yet unobtainable, the mere fantasy of dreamers of long ago.

The Museum of Science & History is celebrating this culmination of ancient dreams that are now reality along with today’s dreamers that are prophesying the future with Sci-Fi Weekend, a celebration of the art and literature of the imagination.

Where Wonders Never Cease