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Upcoming Exhibits

Darwin & Dinosaurs

Coming Summer 2016


Darwin & Dinosaurs is a compelling, cutting-edge exhibit that focuses on evolution and the life of Charles Darwin. With full-size dinosaur skeletons, scientific instruments, original letters, and first editions of Darwin’s main works (including On the Origin of Species, 1859), the exhibit is both visually rich and deeply educational.

Highly interactive, Darwin & Dinosaurs features large touchscreen tables that allow visitors to explore the history and science of Darwin’s work, and a giant game wall up to 5 feet wide and 3 feet high where visitors can play Hungry Birds—a game designed especially for Darwin & Dinosaurs—that demonstrates the principle of micro-evolution.

Tracing the emergence of modern geology in late 18th century, through the discovery of the first dinosaurs—with a special section on Mary Anning, one of the first women scientists—Darwin & Dinosaurs demonstrates how these developments set the stage for Darwin. The exhibit then covers Darwin’s voyage around the world, his work on the theory of natural selection and ultimately the publication of the Origin. It ends with a new, high-tech game that illustrates natural selection.