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Spring Discovery Camps

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Spring Camp FAQ

What do campers do during the day?
Campers will spend their time in the classroom, in the museum and outside in some instances for their camp. They will fill their day learning about the topic at hand through hands-on demonstrations, experiments and crafts. Children will have free time to explore the museum exhibits and will be able to attend at least one science show, animal show or planetarium show. Space week includes off-site field trips (see below).

Do campers go outside?
K-5th grade campers will go outside for a 30 minute supervised recess to release energy, or to perform certain science experiments but will remain indoors the majority of the day.

What are the qualifications of the Winter and One Day Fun Day camp instructors?
MOSH camp instructors are MOSH Educators who have experience working with and teaching camp at MOSH.

What is the teacher-to-student ratio in the classroom?
For Kindergarten through 1st grade camps there is one teacher for every 20 campers along with three Teen Interns assisting in the classroom. For grades 2nd – 3rd, 4th – 5th and middle school there will be one teacher for every 20 campers with two Teen Interns assisting in the classroom. There are no Teen Interns for middle school camp.

How many campers do you accept?
MOSH will take up to 20 children in each class.

What do children do during extended day?
MOSH offers early morning and late afternoon child care to accommodate working parents. During extended day sessions, campers have free play during which they can play games, draw and color or watch a “G” rated movie.

What do you serve for a snack?
MOSH no longer serves snacks. Parents are responsible for supplying a mid-morning snack.

Can I have lunch with my child?
Tuesdays and Thursdays are our designated “parent lunch days.” We do ask that if parents want to eat with their child they go out to the park or off the premises to eat. We also ask that parents let MOSH staff know in the morning if they would like to have lunch with their child that day.

Can my child bring a DS, gameboy, or iPod to camp?
Campers are not allowed to bring personal electronic devices to camp. However, campers enrolled in extended day may bring personal items such as books as long as it does not cause problems. Campers may not play with personal items in the camp classrooms. If personal items become a distraction, they may be taken away and will be returned to the parent at the end of the day. Please be aware that MOSH will not be held responsible for lost, broken or stolen personal items. The child is solely responsible for all personal items, including money that is brought to camp.

Will the campers have a chance to go to the MOSH Store?
Campers will have time to go to the MOSH Store at the end of the day for One Day Fun Day Camps and on Friday afternoons for Winter and Spring Camps. If you choose to give money to your camper, we ask that you limit it to $5.00 per child. Again, it is the child’s responsibility to keep their money and purchases safe.