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Green Revolution REnewed
January 11 - May 4, 2014

Green Revolution REnewed is an eco-exhibit created by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and distributed by the Smithsonian Institution. What is an eco-exhibit you ask? The typical recipe for a traveling museum exhibit is to pack objects into crates, load them onto trucks, and then have those trucks travel the highways to museums across the country. Green Revolution REnewed, however, has virtually no carbon footprint. MOSH received all of the necessary design files and instructions digitally, and constructed the exhibit from recycled and repurposed materials found within the community. Learn more here.

JEA PowerPlay:
Understanding Our Energy Choices

JEA PowerPlay: Understanding Our Energy Choices, a permanent exhibit on the museum's first floor, presents the science, conversion, distribution and conservation of energy using cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art exhibit design. Using interactive touch screen kiosks, explore the science of solar, wind, hydro, fossil fuel and nuclear energy to bring the futuristic city of MOSHtopia to life with power, light and sound. And, with a little elbow grease, see if you have what it takes to generate power for common household electronics like alarm clocks, video games and laptops. Learn more here.

Interpreting Northeast Florida:
A Historic Mural by Elmer Grey

Naval Air Station Jacksonville and the Museum of Science & History will unveil a fully restored historic mural by artist and architect Elmer Grey. Measuring in at 35-feet long, the oil on canvas mural illustrates the influence of Spanish and French colonization on Northeast Florida. Painted by Grey as a gift to the Navy at World War II’s beginning, the mural was displayed at NAS Jax in the Bachelor Officers’ Quarters until 2011 when it was removed for conservation. The newly restored mural is on long-term loan from NAS Jax and will be installed in the Wells Fargo Conference Room at MOSH. The installation will feature digital interpretation of the historic Timucua, Spanish, French and St. Augustine scenes depicted in the mural; Elmer Grey’s biographical information; and an overview of the mural’s restoration.

Timucuan Parks Adventure

Timucuan Parks Adventure connects MOSH visitors to the City’s nature parks through science and history. In addition to the interactive kiosk, text panels with QR codes are located throughout the museum allowing visitors to use their smart phones to learn more about a subject.

This valuable partnership between MOSH and the Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation is supported through a generous anonymous donation. The Timucuan Parks Adventure kiosk is presented by the Edward Lane Family. To learn more, visit